Evolution of You Live

$30.00 / month

Most likely, a private group in FB. For the most part, there will be daily Live broadcasts that last 5-20 minutes. The recordings will contain all the potentials in the Live transmissions so, re-listening to them over-and-over will benefit you.

The broadcast will mainly be a practice (meditation like) OR a strengthening or a clearing via using the Yuen Method, which I will do for the whole group, even if not present on the Live broadcast. Plus, whatever wisdom present will be shared too.

I’m sure I will do other broadcasts throughout the week as well. All this for $1/day or $30/month. The objective is to keep everyone on point. Daily Light practices are key to life! I’m going to show up and do what I came here to do and providing the means to assist others to fulfill their destiny. Begins in February.


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