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Experience what amazes you

My Process is Unexpected

It’s Not Life Coaching…
It’s Not Another Checklist…
It’s Not More Steps…
It’s Not Seminars and Presentations…
It’s Not Psychic Readings…
It’s Not Hypnosis or Mind Manipulation…
If you need transformation in your life…skip the working and waiting…
Let’s Just Shift It!
and achieve the resets you need.

My Process is Unexpected

"I experienced a significant reduction of pain in my neck and shoulder…..."
"I would like to testify to the effectiveness of Robert's work. After working with Robert for 10 to 15 minutes, I experienced a significant reduction of pain in my neck and shoulder… and this was without him touching me."
Jeffery Langston
Taylor Mill, KY
"Life improved in countless ways"
"I’ve really appreciated Robert’s dedicated support and assistance!   I hadn’t done a year-long group program before, and it just naturally fit into my life, exactly what was needed for that time of super growth and transformation.   Robert is committed to uplevelling on multi-dimensions and game for just about anything that serves well! It’s priceless to know he had my back.   My life has improved in countless ways, and he’s truly a genuine gift."
"A lot of things are aligning right now"
"Wow. I haven't felt this great in a really long time.   It feels like a lot of things are aligning for me right now. 🙂   It was definitely time to work on my husband.   Things feel so much lighter."
Anita, Chicago

Just show up and know that things are going to Change

You change, and your world changes:
More Clarity
More Certainty
More Peace
More Connection to Divine Inside You & Your Divine Purpose
More Personal Breakthroughs
Greater Career Performance
Improved Relationships
You Enjoy the Freer, More Fulfilled Life You Were Meant to Live!

Insights are a regular part of the process, often in short amounts of time working together:

Click Here to hear full phone call (public live call)


It’s beyond Normal.  It’s Magical All you need is an open mind.


It’s beyond Normal.  It’s Magical All you need is an open mind.


It’s beyond Normal.  It’s Magical All you need is an open mind.

"Robert has helped me push through limits that I have not been able to do on my own.
His great passion for helping people and his genuine love of people and of life inspires me to find my passion! While I'm still working on myself and have more to accomplish, I'm having more moments of peace and being fully present!"
New Yok
"...the Relationship series was very transformative for me. I feel like my relationship with myself is better than its ever been! I do believe I have been reinvented (so to speak) and I have a confidence in myself like there is nothing left holding me back 🙂
The prior series, Career & Purpose has so surpassed what I expected and I can now tell you that I am debt free, have more clients than I've ever had before, and getting paid more on top of it, and am getting more and more opportunities to put myself out there."
"the last quarter working with you in the weekly groups and individual sessions has cleared so many things that were blocking myself and my family. 
It has helped me tap into the patterns of my own energy. Helps me as I engage in putting together the aspect of my business."
Lorilei Brogan

Because most results are immediate, you won’t wait to begin enjoying the differences.

If this does not sound typical, it’s because it is not.

While it may be somewhat difficult to explain, it’s not difficult to observe.

Just listen to excerpts from calls from live public calls, where we SHIFT on the spot:

If you want to go beyond mantras and philosophies and dive into your Transformation

Then I invite you to schedule your first one-on-one call with me by clicking the link below.