1-on-1 with Robert

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I Show Up, You Show Up, Improvements Happen!!
It is my willingness and yours to simply show up together that initiates change. It is your consistency to keep showing up in life that is the determining factor of your transformation. I am a companion, guide, and catalyst of improvement for you. I have the ability to effect change in you and to hold a divine sacred space for divinity to have their influence. It is your willingness that has the greatest influence.

Answers to any life problem will be given and improved on in the session. Robert will pinpoint influences limiting and weakening your potential.
These influences could be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and/or spiritual. They could be something from your ancestors or descendants, something from the collective influences of humanity, or something from another time or place. It could be fears, traumas, karma, limited beliefs or rigid thinking. Wherever or whatever the influences are coming from weakening you, Robert will strengthen you to their influences and delete their accumulated effects. There will be improvement to your physical potential and life.


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