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Evolution of You Starter Pack

One Handpicked Four Pack to Inspire Meaningful Breakthroughs

If you are looking to start or enhance your process of transformation. These 4 topics provide a wealth of insights you can apply quickly and with no background at all.

GET ALL 4 ITEMS BELOW FOR JUST $4   (view handpicked selections below)
Spirituality of Success Handbook
Discover the Secrets that are Blocking You from Ultimate Success and the Life You Desire

Mind / Spirit

Discover how to make  3 crucial and immediate “Success Shifts”

  • How to instantly align yourself with the most powerful source of complete and permanent life change
  • How to remove the most entrenched and sometimes invisible barriers to success
  • How to accelerate your transition to a life of greater and more consistent achievements by finding the right balance between what you control and what you allow
Planetary Ascension Gateway
A Transformational Opening Experience


The purpose of the Planetary Ascension Gateway is to actively and consciously connect with the “Source of Life Force” that is the same within each and every One, and in All that is.

This meditation works to bridge past the illusion of separation between us and God, Earth, our fellow humans and all living things. It is designed to direct the creative, transformational force that comes into being when we willingly come into union with the All in One.

River of Love Meditation
Do You Know About the Great Power Only You Have?


In this meditation I take you along the path of transformation that begins with a choice that only you can make. Once you make that choice you will discover how doing one thing can give you power to live your best life now.

Improve Your Physical Potential eBook
Accelerate the Overall Improvement of Your Wellbeing


The wisdom and exercises being shared in this document improve your physical potential. You came to life for a reason. You have things to do in this physical realm. It’s time to become more capable to do them!

Doing the quick exercises in this document will improve your fitness, health, longevity, finances, and overall well-being.

You are not just spirit or mind–you are physical as well.