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Impeccable Insight

"Robert has impeccable insight. In just one session, he eliminated severe pain for me.   He gets to the bottom of a problem and resolves it once and for all."
Julie rahm
"Excited about the Future..."
"When I contacted Robert, I felt kind of lost. I was worn down by the challenges of life and really had no idea how to change that.   After speaking to him a short time, I knew that I had came to the right place.   After speaking to Robert, I had a renewed sense of hope and encouragement.   I am now exited about about the future and so thankful for his assistance! "
Amy McGivney
"Life improved in countless ways"
"I’ve really appreciated Robert’s dedicated support and assistance!   I hadn’t done a year-long group program before, and it just naturally fit into my life, exactly what was needed for that time of super growth and transformation.   Robert is committed to uplevelling on multi-dimensions and game for just about anything that serves well! It’s priceless to know he had my back.   My life has improved in countless ways, and he’s truly a genuine gift."
"A lot of things are aligning right now"
"Wow. I haven't felt this great in a really long time.   It feels like a lot of things are aligning for me right now. 🙂   It was definitely time to work on my husband.   Things feel so much lighter."
Anita, Chicago

Additional Stories of Success

Breakthrough Moments

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Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix

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Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel

Please keep in mind these events occurred within calls (not in person).

"I want to thank you for the huge amount of changes that has happened in my life in a few short months"

Recorded from public call.

"Thank you so much, I don't even have the words"

Call brought out insights that connected long standing issues and their resolution in just minutes working with Robert.

Recorded from public call.

"Pain moved from 8 to 1 in short call with Robert"

Recorded from public call.

"My awareness has increased: how I see myself and others, how I think about things, and how I do my massage work has all but completely changed. While it's not always easy, change is a good thing. With Robert's assistance and support, I am also evolving."
"An amazing shift has happened within me since our last session! Where I once felt stuck, I now feel free!! This is a glorious New Beginning for me
I am in awe of your innate ability to get right to exactly what I need..."
Suzie Dawson
"OMG! Thank you for the strengthening last night! I've had two huge miracles today! Thank you thank you thank you!
Robert is phenomenal at what he does! It's like he clears the path so your miracles can flow in with ease! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock!"
Karen Golden
Golden Light Retreat Center
"Instant pain relief.   It was absolutely wild! I enjoyed my session."
Pamela Quinn
Cincinnati, OH
"Today was a really great day at work, very calm and peaceful. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"
"He was right / worth every cent / bonus on the spot!
Hobart, Indiana
"I just came back from my Doctor's appointment with my husband and it went so positively and smoothly! Your ability to "kum ba ya" relationships is nothing short of magical. Beyond blessed to have access to you and your gifts."
"I’ve had great results since working with Robert. We’ve addressed cravings so that my addiction to sugars in times of stress have gone way down."
"I had filed for divorce and was convinced my marriage was over. Robert held space for and assisted myself and my husband to take the steps necessary to save our marriage, steps I never thought possible. He was also instrumental in assisting my son to resolve the anxiety he had related to our marital situation, and also to moving and adapting to a new environment."
New Jersey