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21 Days of Dreaming (Recordings)

Abundance of Dreaming Videos and Guidance Steps

Join us for this second phase of our Be Still Gatherings. Please find instructions and 42 days of videos to deepen connections to our Source and sync with the creative power within us to manifest our dreams.

Thank you so much for doing the Be Still & 21 Days of Dreaming. It has been so impactful on my life. If I missed the live meeting I would listen to your stream at night. Thank you again for doing this as it has really helped me transform my life in a positive way.

Blessings to you & your family

A  Special Thank You to everyone who joined our Be Still Gatherings, plus a recap of what this 6-month set of videos was all about.  


This is the first 21 Days of Dreaming video below.  Please be sure to view or download the instructions connected to all the videos in this series.

Dreaming is your true abundance. We are Creators. Now, Dreaming isn’t just imagining or fantasizing. It is not from a place of ego or ego attachments. It is in alignment with your Divine instructions, your will and ability to manifest in the physical reality. It is so abundantly ALIVE with Divine Source inspiration! You will love it!


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Dreaming Guidelines

Doing something for 21 days forms a new habit. It becomes automatic in your body consciousness energetics. Now, doing this thing needs to be done in Awareness and with desire, meaning intensity. This means you are really energetically connecting with it. You resonate with it inside your core Being and you experience it in your body consciousness energetics. 

What are we going to be doing for 21 days to make it automatic? Dreaming!

Dreaming is your abundance!

It is your creative essence expressing itself into material experiencing.

For 21 days, you will need to do this for it to become automatic in you. This means you cannot miss a day of doing this, which also means you need to do it on Sundays on your own, because Be Still is not on Sundays. This is why I am sending you this email to give you heads up to prepare.

You can make the next 21 days of dreaming as broad as you want or more focused on just a few things. It is to be a fun and creative dreaming experience.

Here’s a few things to prepare for these 21 days:
  • Have a journal to document your dreaming. Why? So, you can reference it daily and integrate, resonate, and register the specifics of your dreaming.
  • Your Dreaming can come in the form of an inspiration from your Source connection or from your conscious desires.
  • You should start to list some of your conscious desires you want to experience for yourself, your family, and the world. Remember, it can just be a few focused things. Here are some suggested areas of focus. Pick a few.
  • Purpose/Career
  • Relationships
  • Finances/Prosperity
  • Fitness/Health
  • Surroundings/Living Lifestyle
  • Any other Fulfillments/Achievements

And don’t forget to start to list your “Related Experiences” too! What are “related experiences? These are the experiences you will potentially have upon the materializations of your dreaming. For instance, your dreaming is about authoring a book and just one of your related experiences can be meeting other authors that you admire. How is that experience? Resonate it? Integrate it? Understand? 

Now that is only one related experience, another one can be Being at peace for writing what needed to be expressed from you and it gave you much peace. Understand? Integrate, resonate and register peace.

Here is what I will be doing:

  • I will be picking just a few desires
  • I will let new inspirations to come in from my Source connection
  • I will play in and resonate all the many related experiences that result from what I list from 1 and 2.
Dreaming impacts the world! I look forward to dreaming with you!