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Evolution of You (LIVE)

Experience Ongoing Transformation

Join me live (or at your convenience) twice per month and connect:

to who you truly are and why you are here
to the unlimited potential of the Divine within you
to the path of your unique destiny
to your source of and keys to your transformation

All within a sacred space that is special and magical, and because it is, you experience what you need.


Twice monthly I will connect deeply with you and the group, strengthening and addressing your needs.

These practices do not entail forcing you into another consciousness, but simply opening yourself to the limitless potential that already exists within you.

Just aligning yourself within that space can have a powerful impact on every area of your life.

You see Mastery is not about metaphysical abilities and phenomena (how great you can manifest things). The first level of experiencing mastery begins within your own heart by being present, in the same breath, with your divine essence and the ways in which you manifest it. The foundation of Self-Mastery is the recognition, in each and every moment, that your divinity is present within you.
And because we get to choose what fills each moment of the day….
Imagine the changes that will take place in your world when your heart is engaged without limitation in the loving practice of embracing all that surrounds you...

I’m here to guarantee your growth - by creating the environment and exercises that cultivate daily connection to higher frequencies of Light and Love.

You see steadiness during your transformation is crucial.
That’s because you can feel confused (even sunken) in the middle, just before a new change appears. Therefore regular Evolution of You Live Sessions are the perfect answer to see you through to your complete transformation. You stay connected to divine within yourself and strengthened by group synergy.
It also takes an ongoing commitment to truly recognize and embrace the frequencies of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude. It takes a daily conscious choice to remain awake and honor yourself and all creation by living in the integrity of these energies.
Finally, you also must be willing to do the work to strip away the accumulated layers of illusion hiding who “you think you are” from the real you.

You won’t be alone in this transition , nor should you be.
That’s why Evolution of You (Live) is so affordable… my mission is to make you more conscious, more aware, more connected, and more in tune to the wonders of daily life. To awaken your true nature as a Divine Being!

You’re also not locked in.   Just $1 a day / billed once a month.

Get Started Here

Just $1 a day / billed once a month.     Cancel Anytime.

Access Anytime

You may join the live group call or listen to the recording at your convenience.
Listen as many times as you want – absorb the wisdoms, repeat the practices to grow stronger, lighter, and happier.

Facebook Group Access

Connect with the exclusive Facebook group of like-minded, spiritually aware people like you who encourage each other to greater transformation.
Experience More Transformation
I invite you to be a part of these transformative sessions. To experience life more and more in light of the Divine.