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About Robert Novak

Experience what amazes you

I Show Up, You Show Up,

Improvements Happen!!

It is my willingness and yours to simply show up together that initiates change. It is your consistency to keep showing up in life that is the determining factor of your transformation. I am a companion, guide, and catalyst of improvement for you. I have the ability to effect change in you and to hold a divine sacred space for divinity to have their influence. It is your willingness that has the greatest influence.

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Robert had a successful, traditional career in business as an executive Director of Accounting and Finance. After his wife’s death his life drastically changed and his journey of transformation began. He was led to learn and experience many modalities of transformation. During that time in 2009, he met medical intuitive and mystic Caroline Myss. Upon the first meeting, Caroline turned to him and asked, “Are you a teacher?” Stunned, shocked and feeling totally naked and exposed, he sheepishly responded, “Yes.” Caroline intuitively saw him as a teacher. This was a defining moment in Robert’s life.

Robert grew up with strong family and religious traditions. There was limited exposure to anything else outside of this structure. Robert’s faith was strong. Once he was on his own after college, he began to pray, “Jesus teach me so I can teach.” Knowingly having the guiding presence and support of the Christ, Robert allowed himself to be led to places outside of the defined structures where he was told evil existed. The result…he saw and discovered God more. And so, he leads people to know God and themselves more.

Since 2008, Robert has attained certifications in a variety of transformational methods. Robert is a certified Yuen Method Master. Robert uses and teaches the Yeun Method in his sessions. This is because it is the most effective in achieving immediate results in any area of life and it is the one that directs people to become their own self-expert.

Other certifications: Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Reiki Master, The Journey, Conscious Company Leadership, Angel Card Reader, TantraNova, Akashic Record Consultant and Initiate High Priest. During this time Robert also opened to being a spiritual healer, a channeled healer and a shamanic healer.
Robert’s vast experiences in transformational methods and his religious upbringing gives him an extensive understanding of how to usher any life to individual breakthroughs and continually increasing fulfillment in this physical universe.