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    Evolution of You Live

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    Evolution of You Live


    This program is free, particpants may make donations, but donations are not required. 

    Join me live (or at your convenience) twice per month and connect:

    • to who you truly are and why you are here
    • to the unlimited potential of the Divine within you
    • to the path of your unique destiny
    • to your source of and keys to your transformation

    All within a sacred space that is special and magical, and because it is, you experience what you need.


    Twice monthly I will connect deeply with you and the group, strengthening and addressing your needs.

    • You’ll grow lighter with each connection. You’ll also gain light that brings clarity to each new day.
    • You’ll sense your shifts becoming more evident and permanent.
    • You’ll become stronger in your practice time.
    • These practices do not entail forcing you into another consciousness, but simply opening yourself to the limitless potential that already exists within you.


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