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    EOY Starter Pack

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    EOY Starter Pack


    Get the SOS book and three top meditations


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    Ignite Your Inspiration

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    Ignite Your Inspiration


    I’ve put together a special package to encourage and inspire you during these turbulent times or anytime. You’ll receive personal insights (sent directly to you) plus my top two resources for embracing your full potential and unlocking your destiny. That is two books plus a personal message from me, for just $20 (shipping included)!

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    Personal Inspiration Message

    Robert will connect with you and send a timely, personal and inspirational message just for you to your mobile device or email.

    If you would like to receive your personal and inspirational message directly to your phone, please place your mobile number in the field below. 


    Please provide mobile number here to receive your personal inspiration message right to your cell phone. (We will not share your mobile number or information with anyone.)

    SOS Book (Bundle)

    Discover the Secrets that are Blocking You from Ultimate Success and the Life You Desire

    My NEW micro book will show you how to make 3 crucial and immediate “Success Shifts”

    • How to instantly align yourself with the most powerful source of complete and permanent life change
    • How to remove the most entrenched and sometimes invisible barriers to success
    • How to accelerate your transition to a life of greater and more consistent achievements by finding the right balance between what you control and what you allow

    72 Pages (Includes 2 Free Bonus Sections)
    Order your handbook today, a beautifully designed easy to read guide to "Turn on the magnificent power of creation within you!".

    Allowing God Book (Bundle)


    Insights to inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul

    This is Your Time to Thrive

    Allowing God is an invitation to wholeness–an invitation to thrive with everything that makes you who you are.

    Allowing God is an offering of experiences and insights to help you abide and learn through challenging times with healing and creativity until new life appears. Within these reflections upon life and spirit, you will find moments of recognition, of clarity, of companionship.