Inner Child Meditation


Purpose – To connect you with your archetypal Inner Child who knows what you came here to Be and to do; who knows how to live life with a “sense of wonder, play, and adventure.” To transcend your life into the excitement of living again.

NOTE: It is very important that you do this activation several days in a row in order to solidify this relationship with your true Inner Child. You should establish an intuitive communicative relationship daily to enhance your daily consciousness into Being in a sense of wonder, play, and adventure.

Summary of Benefits
  • To start to live the purposes of the life you came here to live.
  • To start to live life with passion, adventure, and in a more playful reflection.
  • To see and experience the magic in the universe around you as the Inner Child connection will open you up to the wonderful experiences in this world.
  • – You will be happier and you will have more energy for living life.


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