God’s Divine Creations


Our Creator provided us with means to know.  Blinded by our own creations, we lost sight of them.  The book intends to shed light back on them again so you use them.

God created ways for you to know more about your personal journey and how to be a greater expression of the real you in the world.  This universe is ever-changing and still follows certain laws and patterns.



Reading God’s Divine Creations You Will :

  • Experience life with more awareness and with the willingness to live it with more openness and expression.
  • Discover and be connected to God even more.
  • See how everything you do is your purpose and in a grander scale than you ever could have imagined.
  • Gain a better understanding of others and the way they are and you will see everyone in a more divine light and with more love. Yeah!.
  • You will gain the insight to be able to live more confidently the life of YOU and sooner!


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