When I hear the word “prayer” I think of something done “outwardly.” When I hear the word “meditation” I think of something done “inwardly.” When I hear the word “sit” I think of something “I just do.”

Sitting seems effortless, and that is how it should be when you spend your time with God…it should be effortless. When I think of both prayer and meditation, to me they mean effort is involved, and when I think of just sitting, I think of it as being effortless. When you sit with God, it is effortless, as it should be.

So, when I say, “Sit with God,” it is not a very hard thing to do. It is really just “sitting” with the intent of connecting, whether or not one becomes fully aware of a connection actually being made.
Here is what you do:
  1. Sit,
  2. Take a breath,
  3. Say, “Thank you,”
  4. Drop and settle into the secret chamber of your heart.  Just have the intention of doing so. Don’t worry about searching around to find it.
Here is a LINK to the guided meditation: SIT WITH GOD. As you sit, allow whatever to come up to be there. If you feel that you need to sit with a thought or pictures that pop up, then do. If not, let them come and go. Your task is just to sit with God…to be with God as God is with you. Your just sitting with God will change your life! Why? Because just being there is the prayer! Allow yourself to experience it. You’ll see what I mean. If a realization comes to you while sitting, feel free to open up your eyes and to write it down so you don’t forget it; then just go back and be with God. Sometimes people expect big revelations, feelings, or sensations when “Sitting with God.” The truth is, it is very subtle most of the time. Just be open to anything, as it is always possible to have bigger and more revelations and experiences. In time, you will gain a “knowing” of God’s presence in your walk of life. As you continue to “Sit with God” for awhile, you will begin to notice shifts in your life, and those may be subtle, and some will be very profound. Remember to take note of all of them and gain in “knowing” that God is there. Also, I want you to realize that there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that you have done in life that restricts you from the opportunity to sit with God and to share space and time with God. So, sit…JUST SIT! Here is the link to the Sit with God meditation. SIT WITH GOD

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  1. I enjoy the Sit With God meditation, it’s versatility. Whether I am simply sitting listening, writing, or needing some assistance with getting to sleep, it has proven helpful. The music is beautiful, thank you. 🙂

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