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Yuen Method

The Science of
Immediate Results
Learn the Yuen Method

Learn how to permanently and completely delete your PAIN, STRESS, ILLNESS and LIFE PROBLEMS, including FINANCES and RELATIONSHIPS on the spot for yourself and others.

The Yuen Method is all about you becoming your own Self-Expert.

It is not about becoming a follower of mine or Dr. Yuen’s. It is about you becoming aligned and strong with yourself, your own insights and answers to live a more neutral and empowered life.

Dr Yuen calls the Yuen Method “The Science of Immediate Results.” Meaning that there are immediate results from an energetic weak feeling to an energetic strong feeling.  Another way of connecting with it is feeling “discord” to then feeling “harmony” as something it resolved…immediately, which then upgrades your body.

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What will you learn?

You will learn to locate the true reasons/causes/sources (weaknesses) responsible for 1) creating issues within your body and 2) slowing your way forward.  These previously unknown culprits are never apparent to the conscious mind.   

  • The reason problems in your life persist is because your conscious mind is unaware of the true causes that brought about the problems in the first place.
  • You will learn how to access your other levels of consciousness to determine which specific underlying weaknesses are the true causes/reasons/sources of your problem.
  • You will learn how to delete these specific underlying weaknesses once they are found, on the spot!

What is included?

Your Yuen Method Training purchase provides 12 modules (four videos in each area: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual) over 16 hours of instruction, step-by-step examples, and answers to help you shift energies for immediate results in yourself and others

In addition, this on-demand / self-paced course allows you to:

  • Listen live or anytime that best suits your schedule
  • Listen as many times as you want – absorb the wisdoms, repeat the practices to grow stronger, lighter, and happier
Throughout the 11-week period, EOY provides:
For 11 focused weeks, Robert will guide you through this entire process step-by- step. EOY includes many one-on-one sessions with Robert to undergird and empower each step of your transformation.